Okay, enough about what I’m writing. Here’s what I’m reading (and have read) so far!

Read and recommended



What I’m currently reading:

Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall

Riptides by Kirsten Alexander

Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth


She I Dare Not Name: A Spinster’s Meditations on Life by Donna Ward (Incredible reading!)

Review: ‘This is the [wo]manifesto of ‘She I Dare Not Name’: a captivating rumination on solitary life, a meditation on self-acceptance, love and belonging through immense social, environmental and economic upheaval. A stunning portrait of resilience in a society that blindsides the ageing and the lonely, revealing the incontrovertible truth: that the strongest clay is indeed forged in the hottest kiln.’

Fauna by Donna Mazza (taut, eerie dystopian thriller… a great read!)


Maybe the Horse Will Talk by Elliot Perlman (A social commentary corporate thriller…fabulous!)



The Weekend by Charlotte Wood (one of my Summer favourites of 2019… will definitely re-read!)


What the Light Hides by Mette Jakobsen (such atmospheric and suspenseful writing, loved it!)

The Breeding Season by Amanda Niehaus (Fascinating… innovative, fresh writing from a debut Brisbane author!)


Boy Swallows Universe, Trent Dalton (colourful characters and an insanely original premise. Highly recommend!)


To Become A Whale Ben Hobson (my TOP favourite book of 2019!)


Planetfall, Emma Newman (my first venture into Sci-fi!)


The Ash Burner, Kari Gislason


The Promise of Iceland, Kari Gislason (current)

Venice, Part II of The Wisdom Tree novella series, Nick Earls

Gothham, Part I of The Wisdom Tree novella series, Nick Earls


Hired by the Mysterious Millionaire, Ally Blake (local Brisbane Romance writer!)

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion


Fighting the Current, Heather Waldorf (a book I have read every year, at least once… it got me through high school!)

Two Steps Forward, Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist (Brilliant, has inspired me to walk The Camino one day!)


Addition, Toni Jordan (wonderful Melbourne-based author, such enlightening writing)


Judgement Rock, Joanna Murray-Smith (a quintessential novella for those who love our country, and lighthouses!)

Hopscotch, Jane Messer (another of Jane Messer’s to savour, so well executed)


Provenance, Jane Messer (a book I have read once a year, every year for a decade. My all-time favourite book!)

Next on my never-ending ‘to-read’ list…

(Thank you Brisbane Writers Festival!)

  • The Butcherbird Stories, A.S. Patric
  • Wolfe Island, Lucy Treloar
  • Lenny’s Book of Everything, Karen Foxlee
  • Early Riser, Jasper Fforde
  • Vancouver, Juneau, Noho (Books 3,4,5 in The Wisdom Tree series), Nick Earls
  • Under The Lino, Caylie Jeffrey (local history meets compelling mystery in Milton!)
  • The Rosie Effect and The Rosie Result, Graeme Simsion
  • Burial Rites, Hannah Kent
  • Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert (for a dose of creative inspiration!).