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“Writing with rich traditions and bold ambitions”

Bianca Millroy is an Australian writer of historical fiction, eco-fiction and magic realism.

She is currently writing an historical fiction novel, The Solitary Light based on one of Australia’s most isolated lighthouses.

Bianca’s stories have been published in five creative writing anthologies, including RMIT’s annual anthology, Visible Ink. She won Live Sunshine Coast’s inaugural creative writing competition for her flash fiction, ‘Tentative Threads’. In 2019, she released an anthology of stories entitled eMerge, of which she collaborated as a writer, editor and desktop publisher.

She currently lives in Brisbane and feels most at home by the water, especially if there is a lighthouse nearby.

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Extended bio

As an emerging Australian author, Bianca’s credentials include short fiction works in the anthologies Visible Ink, (RMIT), Within Without, Grey Matter, Fractured, Showcase (University of the Sunshine Coast) and Courage (Goodlife Writers). She holds a Masters in Professional Practice (Creative Writing) and a Bachelor of Creative Writing from the University of the Sunshine Coast. In 2019, Bianca was on the editorial and publishing team for the anthology eMerge (USC). She is a recipient of both the inaugural Live Sunshine Coast and the Field of Words writing prizes.

Bianca has developed strong industry connections through her affiliation with the Queensland Writers Centre, where she volunteers for workshops and events (such as GenreCon), and her role as Event Host at Brisbane’s much-loved independent Avid Reader bookshop. Bianca is also part of the team at AustLit, an Australian Literature database at the University of Queensland.

On her writing, Bianca says, ‘I want my writing to contribute a fresh perspective and a distinctive voice to the Australian literary arena.’

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Media Release quotes for ‘The Solitary Light’

Bianca Millroy is turning a lifelong fascination for lighthouses and Australian history into a novel about the trials and triumphs of a fictional lighthouse keeper’s wife. The novel began as a short story called The Solitary Light, which she started writing in 2014 after she left her hometown of Cairns, North Queensland to begin her studies in Creative Writing on the Sunshine Coast.

Upon discovering the South Solitary Lighthouse from an Australian film of the same name, the vision of the families and keepers who lived there simply struck a chord. After writing the first chapter, she discovered a family connection with the island through her late great uncle, a doctor who visited regularly to provide care for the lighthouse families.

“My novel is interwoven with creative non-fiction and magic realism and is inspired by true events on the isolated South Solitary Island, off the coast of Coffs Harbour, from the 1930s to the 1970s.”

Lighthouses have always fascinated Bianca, and the passion grew when she moved to the Sunshine Coast and volunteered as a tour guide for the Caloundra lighthouses.

She currently lives in Brisbane and feels most at home by the water, especially if there is a lighthouse nearby.

©Bianca Millroy, as cited from article ‘Life under the lighthouse inspires USC Master studentpublished in USC News Exchange.

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Launch of eMerge – an anthology featuring ‘The Solitary Light’

Bianca recently co-published eMerge, an anthology of work written and published by the graduates of the 2018 Masters program. eMerge was launched in February 2019 and includes three chapters from her anticipated novel, The Solitary Light. Pictured above is the mock cover image created for this publication, credit to graphic designer, Fyn Xavier.


Master of Professional Practice (Creative Writing) (2018), GPA 7.0, University of the Sunshine Coast

Bachelor of Creative Writing (2017), GPA 6.5, University of the Sunshine Coast